Versatile Blogger Award!

So this is a hugely overdue post I apologise for the delay the last week has been absolutely crazy for so many different reasons but thats a post for another time.  I was so fortunate and I was nominated twice for the Versatile Blogger Award the two people who nominated are the lovely Charlotte Callender at and the other lovely lady was Steph Ros from definitely check both of these lovely blogs out!
So these are the rules of the tag:
1) Thank the blogger who nominated you, and include a link to their blog
2)List 7 interesting facts about yourself 
3)Nominate 15 other blogs [with the link] for the award. 

The seven interesting facts about me are:
1) I trained as a professional dancer in musical theatre.
2) I have no A-levels but have worked non stop.
3) I have a piano teaching diploma.
4) I love pasta.
5) I have allergies to milk and pain killers, garlic, nuts and seeds.
6) I love nothing more than snuggling in a duvet and reading quietly.
7) I play four instruments.

My 15 nominated blogs:
1) Julie at
2) Daisy Tribe at
3) Rhian at
4) Lou at
5) Flo at
6) Thrifty Vintage at
7) Tamzin at
8) Vix at
9) Rhianna at
10) Jordan at
11) Holly at
12) Jemma at
13) Aimee at
14) Ali at
15) Emmie at

Thank you again to Charlotte and Steph
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