Life Lesson: Life and Death

Over the last year there have been some amazing births and also sadly some deaths.  I always try to take something from every experience that I have in life.  I lost two people who meant a lot to me in the last year and there was also one birth.  I thought I would share what I took from these events.
Lets start with the sad part of the post, when someone passes away.  This is one of the cruel parts of life and sometimes taking something positive away from an experience like this is difficult.  The three things that I took from my two experiences are:
1) That we have to enjoy every day of our lives no matter how bad we feel life can be very short and sudden and we should grab each day and do something amazing every single day.
2) Sometimes this is actually the best thing for the individual and they are now free of illness and can go on to a better place and start a new journey.  One of the deaths I experienced was unfortunately very long and when she finally did pass we knew she was now at peace.
3) I like to think when one life ends another starts and someone else's journey has begun.
Now the sad bit is over lets look at the amazing new lives that have come in to the world.  The three things I took from our friends beautiful babies birth are:
1) It is incredible that new lives are formed and come in to the world.  They make such a difference to their parents lives and all of our lives in some ways.
2) The little bundle of joy is fresh to the world has no preconceptions and are so free and confident and are able to enjoy every moment of their lives without worries.
3) Watching a baby grow up and learn along the way is one of the most amazing experiences that you can have during life whether thats your own child or a family/friend.
I think that there is always something positive to take out of every situation but sometimes we just have to dig deep to find it.  Thats not to say we should all be smiling and laughing at every moment of our lives but to get the most out of life we sometimes have to dig deep to come out of the other side stronger.
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