A-level day and what it all means!

As today was results day I thought I would write something about where you go from here.  When I was 16 I made a big life choice to leave school and went off to drama school instead of studying my A-levels.  Some people would say this was a huge mistake and some people said that it was a great choice.  Me personally I think it was what I needed then and it has made me the person I am today.  So lets be realistic about today two things are going to happen you get the results you want or you don't.  There are so many big decisions whatever has happened and I thought I would share some that may be going on for you.

  1. You have the results!! Firstly well done thats great news but what does this mean for you.  Well the big question is to go to uni or not!  University is one of those amazing experiences in life where you learn who you are and you get to be independent and have a fun time which you will remember for life.  Of course there is the other side that maybe you are not sure if you are ready for university just yet.  This is a common feeling and please do not feel alone!  You could do some work experience in the area you are looking to study in or you could do a gap year and travel the world.  This is another amazing way to find yourself and be independent but allows you to have time to decide what is best for you.  My advice is do not rush either decision, this a big decision, you will get a few days to think about what YOU want to do.   
  2. Our second option is you didn't get the results you needed or wanted.  Firstly any result you got is good and don't let others tell you otherwise!  I know this can feel like the world is over and your life is a disaster and you will never work but this isn't true!  You can still discuss your options with the university and they will be able to advise you of the other options you have.  They are there to help you not to be big bad wolves.  The other option is you fling yourself in to the scary world of work and you work your way up from the bottom to the top over the years.  Also just because you don't go to university right now doesn't mean you can't in the future.  I in fact applied this year and from the work experience and courses I have done in my career so far I was accepted.  I chose for me this wasn't the right decision but I was so happy that even after everything I was still accepted.  And finally of course you could travel for a year and give yourself to think and regroup.

Whatever happened today you have the most amazing life ahead of you and only we can pave the way for ourselves so keep positive and look forward.  Talk to friends and family who know you the best and ask for their advice because no matter how "old" people are we have all been there and made these decisions.   I finally want to leave you with what I feel is the most important and crucial thing to remember, make sure the decision is what YOU want as its not anyone else's life.
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