10 Good Things this week!

So I am really enjoying doing 10 good things from the week as sometimes during life it is so hard to see the positive we have to make sure we remember it!

1) I started a new job and it has been going really well.

2) I smiled everyday this week.

3) I had lunch breaks everyday for the first time ever!

4) I got to practise my macro photography and got my first ever rain droplets!  Look out for my post on Sunday for one of the pictures.

5)  I got some new clothes :-)

6) I managed to get some reading in.  I am reading a Terry Pratchett book, I love his writing!

7) I got to spend time with my other half commuting which was lovely.

8) I had peach crumble!!!!!!

9) Its only one week until BlogStock which I am super excited about.

10) I put together my business cards and my about me cards together in to nice little bundles for the festival.

What good things happened to you this week?  Leave your comments below!
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