Summer Tag!

I was reading Sarah from SazBombs blog (check her out at and she was doing a summer tag.  So this week I will have taken part in two of these which I have loved doing!  So here is a bit more about me for you all this week :-) 
1. Whats your favourite thing about summer?
I think my favourite thing about summer is the long evenings sitting in the garden and not shivering away!  I love being outdoors.
2. Do you have a favourite summer drink?
I am not bit on alcohol so I love elderflower with soda in the summer its sweet yet refreshing.  If I do drink it is between pear cider and Pimms.

3. Is there a special place you like to visit each summer? 
I like visiting National Trust gardens in the summer and taking pictures of all the beautiful colourful flowers.

4. Whats your favourite make up look for summer?
I love a bit of shimmer in the summer and highlighting on my brow bones and cheeks. 

5. Dresses or skirts?
For me its definitely dresses.  I used to love wearing skirts but I never know what tops to put with them so I am more of dress girl nowadays.

6. Festival or Vacations?
Definitely vacations,  I have never been to a festival and its definitely on my to do list but I am not quite ready for it yet :-)

7. Whats your signature summer hairstyle?
I have really long hair so I tend to have it up in the summer as it gets too hot!  So its either a bun with a donut to assist or a high ponytail.  If I do have it down I straighten it and put it to one side so one side is cooling!

8. Whats your signature summer scent?
There are three different scents which are Chanel Chance, Tommy Hilfiger's Tommy Girl and a new addition this year is L'Occitane's Figuier and Osmanthus.

9. Favourite music for summer?
I don't have favourite music really I will listen to anything and everything that I fancy.

10. Pool or Beach?
I like the pool.  As I have red hair I overheat easily so bobbling on a lilos in the pool is amazing and you tan well.

11. BBQ or Seafood?
BBQ is definitely better for me as I have an allergy to shellfish. 

Now over to you guys I would love to hear your favourites!
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