My First Libbie Club Review!

Today is my first review as being a lucky member of The Libbie Club.  I was so excited when it arrived in the post and to open it up and see what awaited me!  It didn't disappoint and I want to share my thoughts of each product with you.  If you would like to purchase something follow this link where you can do that: I would love you to purchase something as it will help me to also reach my goals for The Libbie Club but please don't feel you have to its just if you want to :-)

I got sent three lovely treats this month and I am going to go through each one below:

BioEffect Volcanic Exfoliator- This product got me all excited because it was from Iceland had amazing packaging.  When I opened it up I was surprised that the packaging was only white and didn't have those lovely stripes on it.  When I undid the lid I was really surprised that it had absolutely no scent at all.  I would have liked a little scent but also if we look at it a different way it means less bad stuff for our skin is in it.  When I put it on my face it was lovely the little pieces of lava really cleaned your skin but wasn't rough and sore.  My skin felt silky smooth afterwards and really super clean so I was really pleased with the results.
Rating: 9.5/10

Becca Beach Tint in Watermelon- This is a little tube of loveliness!  It smells a-ma-zing it smelt of strawberry to me and when you put it on the colour is really natural.  It gives you a lovely natural colour on your cheeks and lasts really well.  I really liked this product and hope to purchase this for myself, so I don't run out in the future! 
Rating: 10/10

Skin and Tonic London- Steam Clean- This was like a spa in a jar (oooo that rhymes) its a facial at home.  I love steaming treatments and even though your skin may break out after a few days, getting all those toxins out is so important.  It smells of Mint, Eucalyptus and has thistle in it.  I also really love that this product is Organic and they do not test on animals.  I will definitely be using this brand in the future :-)
Rating: 10/10

Have you ever used any of these? Which of the products above would you consider purchasing, if any?
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