Macro shots on Sony A7

This weekend I got to try out a Sony A7 camera.  I am used to using a DSLR but I actually really enjoyed trying this out. I was using a 28mm-70mm at 28mm with a reversal ring to get macro shots. The ISO was set at 100 and due to the nature of a reversal ring you can't change the aperture. 
I shot in aperture mode and used a gorilla pod slr.  As it was in aperture mode the camera automatically chose the shutter speed for me. 
This was a feather that I found in the garden, I love how you get the texture just from the picture.
I chose to feature this picture because you can get the texture of the leaf and the rawness of nature.
This grass was just asking to be pictured, the different colours and textures are so visually interesting.  I really enjoyed trying this camera and am considering upgrading in the near future to a Sony camera.  It is both light and small but has the features and capabilities of a DSLR.

                  What do you love to look at in nature and what makes a picture interesting to you?