Lush Make Up Review

When I was in Lush Oxford Street I noticed that there was a huge make up section and make up is one of my big weaknesses. I went over there and love that it is all natural and it was all am-az-ing!  I loved the eye make up the best so thats what I treated myself to.  Here is what I thought of the products.

This little pot is utterly amazing!  It has large sparkly flecks in it and you hardly need to use any of the product you can use a cotton bud and spread it on really easily and it doesn't drop all over your face and cheeks!  I chose I darker colour as I prefer this but there are loads of colours to choose from.

These little triangles are like a crayon for the eye.  You put it in your hand and warm them up and then you apply it on to your eyes.  Sometimes as it is new and has edges it can apply a little unevenly but you can just sort this with your finger easily.  I also am pretty sure that as I use it the edges will be less sharp so it will apply more easily.
I bought two different colours of these one as a base and the other to add a bit more depth on the eyelid itself.  The lighter one is really light but has a bit of a shimmer to it which is perfect for the day and with the more bronze one on the main part of the lid they go together really well.  The one thing that is slightly disappointing is they do tend to wear off through the day so if you were going out after work you would need to re apply them.  But they are easy to use and look lovely so overall I was happy.

Have you ever used any Lush make up products?  What are your favourites?
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