Life Lesson 2

I have had a look at my posts to see what you guys like best from me.  The biggest hit was my post called Wise Words, you can check it out here (Life Lesson) if you missed it.  So today I thought I would share another thing I think is so important to remember in life.

On the weekend me and my partner attended a naming ceremony for the most gorgeous baby girl.  They weren't religious so decided to do something a bit different.  We sat and listened to people playing  music and singing to her and we heard about the individual strengths of the god parents they had chosen.  How many times do you hear or tell your friends what makes them special?  We should do that more.

The thing that really stood out for me was the parents got an instant camera and each of the guests took a photo of who they came along with and wrote some words in a special book.  You could write words of wisdom or just to say you were there, you could say anything you wished.  We got our photo taken and I sat to write and had to think what I felt I wanted to say.  I have known her dad for many years so I felt I wanted to tell her something that I feel is so easy to forget as we grow older.  I told her "always be true to yourself and follow your heart."  We have all been in situations where we may not be happy e.g. not happy in a relationship or a job, everyone has something. How many times have you chosen what your head says instead of your heart?  How often do you think, "no my opinion is wrong" or "I don't know" so do a patterned response?

I truly feel if we could be more honest and listen to what our hearts tell us, the relationships and quality of our lives really could be improved and in some cases hugely improved.  Its not an easy thing to do and sometimes we may hurt others but we have to remember this is our life and it is only up to us to make it the best we can every day!

Have you ever made a difficult decision by listening to your heart or done something you felt you had to do but it didn't feel quite right?  Please feel free to share it below and help all of us become stronger and enjoy our lives to the fullest we never know when it will be too late :-)
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