Grimspound and Stonehenge

Grimspound Settlement from the hill.

On our way down to Cornwall this year we broke up our journey by visiting some famous sites we have always wanted to see.  I had been to Stonehenge but my other half hadn't and my partner had been to Grimspound but I hadn't so we both saw something new and exciting.

The first place I am going to talk about is Grimspound on Dartmoor.  It is one of the best known prehistoric Late Bronze Age prehistoric settlements.  The settlement lies on the hills and there are 24 homes within its stone wall.

This is one of the best surviving houses within the settlement.  You went in and could see why they built it in this way as it was protected from  the wind and was warm even when the wind was howling.

This is the best surviving entrance to the settlement.  You can make out the entrance and it looks really grand.  The entrance was up high so anyone who made it there was seen well before they could enter the settlement.

You can walk further up the hills and at first I wasn't sure if I wanted to go up there because of my leg injury but my goodness I am so glad I did.  You could see for miles and it was so beautiful.  I am so glad my other half took me here.


As I said above I had been to Stonehenge before but it was nothing like I remembered.  At that time English Heritage didn't own it and you could go up closer but it was still amazing.  It is such an overbearing site and so atmospheric.

Isn't this picture special.  I like it because you can see all the different shapes and just how big it actually is.    If you have never visited Stonehenge you really should do as you will never see anything like it.

Where have you been that you would recommend seeing?
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