First BBQ of 2015

Sorry this post is a bit late my internet has died and I am hanging out a window (safely) using a personal hotspot! So it's official the first summer BBQ has taken place! I love having a family BBQ and for the first time ever I used a disposable one! I decided to do it with pictures with a tag underneath :-) 

                    The very important onions and mushrooms (not for me!) being prepared.
                                    The disposable BBQ heating up on its pedestal!
The meat is on! Caramelised onion sausages, a chilli burger and plain burger were the chosen items.
Mm mm the sausage with sundries tomatoes, cheese slices and onions with mustard and ketchup.
                         The start of the best part!! DESSERT! Berries and strawberries.
                 My pudding meringue fruit and cream, completely indulgent and delicious.

Due to dietary requirements there were two other variations. One with meringue, fruit and Greek yoghurt and the other meringue, fruit and dairy free ice cream! 
                                     What are your favourite things to have on the BBQ?