10 Things…….best parts of this week!

This week has been a truly life changing one so it felt right to share the 10 best parts of this week with you all.
  1. I reached my Bloglovin' target!  I am looking forward to reaching my next target with your help!
  2. I got accepted to The Libbie Club and received my first amazing box and love all the products in it!
  3. I met a lot of new blogger friends on the new Twitter chat with #tbloggerschat for travel bloggers :-)
  4. I tried all my Birchbox goodies and really enjoyed pampering myself.
  5. The new season of White Collar came out on Netflix!
  6. I am starting a new exciting journey in my career.
  7. I have started to follow some amazing new blogs and got to know the bloggers behind them.
  8. I finished my book (Divergent) and can't wait to write a post on it next week.
  9. I am super excited about the weekend I get to spend time with my other half and to get some new photos so double bonus.
  10. I learnt a lot about myself this week and also learnt to appreciate the amazing people in my life more.
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