Wisley Day Trip 2015

This year Wisley had a butterfly exhibition on which I just had to go and see.  They are amazing creatures.  When i arrived there was quite a queue but when you stepped inside the wait was definitely worth it!

As you walked in a wave of heat hit you but at the same time you saw the most magical sight in front of you hundreds of butterflies all fluttering around you as you walked in.

There were feeding tables throughout the walk where you had the opportunity to be closer to the butterflies and for photographers it have us a chance to get some shots where they were just resting.
Their food for that day was banana and other fruits and I cannot begin to explain how amazing it was to see these beautiful creatures so close to you.  There was one man who seemed to have attracted a butterfly and it was taking a ride on his shoulder around the room.  There was someone at the end to check you over so they all stayed in the room and were kept safe.

I thought I would add in this last photo because this butterfly had literally just landed and was walking along the path to jump on to some foliage where it must like to sit and take in the view and visitors. It was one of there most magical experiences that I have ever had and I will never forget this day out.  If you see a similar opportunity i would advise you to go and check it out as it is a truly amazing opportunity.