Watersmeet in Devon

Today I thought I would share some flower photography with you all.  We visited Watersmeet in North Devon let year and I had forgotten how lovely it was there.  There are a variety of walks that you can take depending how long you want to walk for and where you want to see.  We did a circular walk which was lovely and we were lucky that the weather was good for us.   The picture above is the first ever bird photograph that I took.  He was sitting on a rock and was kind enough to sit and wait for me to get a picture :-)  Eventually with some patience and someone to help steady the lens this was the photo I managed to capture.

As we got further along the path I noticed this butterfly sitting peacefully on a flower.  Whenever I take a nature photograph I always respect the subject and will never damage anything or disturb an animal in its natural habitat.  I would always advise abiding this because we want to protect the natural environment and not destroy the beauty that is around us.

I found this photo really interesting when I got back and reviewed what I had captured over a nice cream tea!  I think that it the fact the flower is not perfect which draws me to it.  The bee in the middle was an additional bonus.  The middle of this flower is so vibrant and I just had to share it.

There seems to be a bit of a theme with these photos I must have been trying to get flying insects that day.  These are so bright the purple on the outside with the lively yellow in the middle made me love these flowers as a subject.  I was really lucky in this one to get the wasp landing and you can see his opaque wings here.  It was a lovely day out and I would advise you to go and visit if you can.

Which of these flowers is your favourite?
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