Wacky Weekend

Firstly apologies that I didn't post yesterday life unfortunately got in the way!  As the title says it has been a bit of a wacky weekend.  The weather yesterday was fantastic so I took the opportunity to get in the garden and use my new camera toy!  SO I hear you all saying what is it, what is it?  Its a reversal ring for my nifty fifty lens which allows it to act as a macro lens. 
At first I was a bit unsure if it would work as you lose control of many functions of the camera as long as you set the focal length before you start.  This was my first attempt and its quite moody but not as perfect as I would have liked.
I turned around after the last photo and saw this beautiful foxglove so I had to take a snap of it.  I had never noticed the little hairs on them until I started this project.
I actually really like this shot it may not be the crispest photo that you have ever seen but it has so many interesting features to look at and I think it is really interesting as a photo which sometimes I prefer to a completely perfect shot.
I think this shot is my favourite from the day.  If you zoom in to the photo then you can see the glisten of the pollen inside that had got a bit wet in the rain shower the night before.
This was the final photo I took and it is full of life and beauty.  Its amazing how you can make a plain looking holly leaf into an amazing visual.
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