South West Coastal Path: Polperro to Looe

Polperro end of harbour exit.
Todays post is about the most amazing walk that I have ever been on.  When we went to Cornwall we just had to do part of the South West Coastal Path.  As I sustained a serious injury to my leg many years ago I have to be careful on distance still as I am not 100%.  Taking that in to consideration we decided to do the Polperro to Looe walk.  I thought it would be a complete breeze but it actually really challenged me.  

 These photos were taken on the way out of Polperro.  They were such beautiful flowers that I just had to capture them.

I had never realised how difficult dandelions were to capture with a camera they are really tricky.  Does anybody know what type of bug this little guy is?

This is when my jaw just dropped the photo on the left was just as we started to leave Polperro, the views are amazing!  The photo on the right is when we were higher and further along the path and I love how picturesque the whole walk was.

Unfortunately some of the path was shut so we had to take a detour across a field which is the photo on the left.  The right hand photo was the view we had before we detoured.


The photo on the left is when we were about half way and finally I saw what I thought/still think is Looe. I actually did a little celebratory dance as by now my legs felt like they may fall off!  The photo on the right was a little island and I was so shocked when I saw that people actually live on there it must be so peaceful.

We finally made it to Looe and I was so happy and proud of us for making it.  I honestly have never seen views like it and I would really recommend doing it if you are able to.  We decided to get the bus back as I couldn't walk any more and a friendly local told us to stand in the road and the bus would stop. Now where we are from we would just get driven over but it actually worked!  I was so grateful for her stopping and I got the distinct impression she saw tourists from that walk very often :-)  For those thinking of doing it there is a lot of sheer drops along the way and there are quite a few steps so I would really think about your capability before taking on the challenge.  Also as I was struggling the next day due to pain we were told that we should avoid the Polperro to Polruan walk as there is something like 100 steps up and down on that one.  I am determined to do this in the future but this time I decided to be sensible (for once!!)

Have you ever done a walk that took your breath away with the beauty?  I would love to hear about it below :-)

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