Saturday sort out

Today I decided I should have a sort out of my photo's and plan some blog posts.  I always like to look through my photos now and then as it can help you remember really happy memories. I chose a few photos to share with you today and there is a short description of what happy times they remind me of.

This was one of the first days that I decided I really wanted to focus on nature photography so I went out and started to make that dream come true.  I love the Lorikeets they are so beautiful and vibrant (if a little cheeky as a species).

I had never noticed how beautiful and mesmerising ducks were until I visited Wisley Gardens earlier this year.  They are fascinating to watch!

I caught this butterfly completely by accident when I was visiting Cornwall this year.  A tourist saw it and took a snap so I got my camera straight out to also get a shot.  Unfortunately the tourist moved and almost squashed it!!!  After a quick lens change and some patience I managed to get the picture to show how beautiful this little piece of magic was!

I am going to write about some of the amazing days out I have had so far this year over the next few blogs so keep your eye out for my next post :-)