Rough Seas on South West Coast

This year I was lucky enough to go down to the South West Coast.  There are so many beautiful landscapes and such fantastic wildlife to see.  The pace of life in the South West is so much slower and more relaxed than the South East of England.  One day the weather went from beautiful sun to stormy weather and I had to grab the opportunity to get pictures of the sea when it was "angry".
These birds were circling around the cliffs and had the most beautiful shiny coats.

I spent a lot of time looking at this particular area of the rocks below.  What I found enchanting was that no wave or splash was ever the same.  As the weather started to get worse the water spray got higher and more ferocious.  The sea is one of the most amazing parts of the planet and I wish I could have been here everyday as it was so peaceful and relaxing.

This final photo was taken about ten minutes before the ran fell out of the sky.  The sea air completely changed and you could feel the moisture on your face at the top of the cliffs.  As you can see the photo also is much darker than the others.  After I got this photo I ran back to the cottage I was staying in before me and my precious camera got rained on!