Rosemoor Gardens in Devon

Today I am going to follow on from yesterdays post and write about my visit to RHS Rosemoor Gardens that I visited last year whilst in Devon.  My other half is keen on fishing so we decided that we didn't need to be in each others pockets the whole trip so he had a day out fishing and I took myself off to RHS Rosemoor.  After a rather terrifying drive through the country lanes I made it to the gardens.  It was the first time that I went to something like this on my own and I actually really enjoyed it.

Amazingly the sun was out just enough to get some nice lighting but not too sunny that my casper white skin got burnt!  I saw this little flower and was so drawn to its beauty.  Its like an artist has carefully outlines it and done some clever shading.  The petals have the most extraordinary creases whilst having a spiky yellow middle.  I wish I could of brought this home as it makes me smile just looking at it but of course I always respect the natural habitat of whatever subject I take a snap of.

This flower is absolutely amazing and took my breath away!  The leaves are so lovely and yellow on the outside with this vibrant bright red middle.  How many times do you get to see something as perfect as this in life.  You can also see a beautiful little bee who is working hard in the middle of this flower and if your careful you can make out his tiny little wings.

What are some of your favourite flowers?
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