Polperro in Cornwall

Polperro Harbour
Today I am going to write about the beautiful little fishing village of Polperro.  I visited here for my birthday this year.  I was lucky enough to choose where it was I wanted to go and I instantly chose Polperro. I hear you asking why didn't I choose somewhere sunny or exotic well Polperro has a very special place in my heart I used to come here as a young girl and many happy memories were made here.  After a lengthy journey down with a night stop in Salisbury where we got lost for an hour we drove in to Looe and I was overcome by emotion.  Tears flooded in to my eyes and I remembered just how special this place was to me.

The photo on the left was the morning of my birthday and it had the most lovely mist all in the harbour.  We went to the bakery and I got treated to the most delicious chocolate croissant and a surprise birthday muffin! After we had breakfast the mist slowly lifted and the picture on the right was late morning the same day.  Its amazing how quick the weather changes.

We decided as it was such as beautiful day that we would do part of the South West Coastal Path to Looe.  Now I thought it would be a lovely gentle stroll but wow it was hard work.  The views were amazing though!  I will dedicate a later blog to the walk but it was a prominent part of the trip.
This amazing piece of history really tugged my heart strings and I just had to share it with you all.  I don't think we do things like this enough anymore for our servicemen and servicewomen who risk so much for us every day.
The restaurants in Polperro are well worth a visit. Couch's Great House was amazing it was pricey but the chef there Richard McGeown has trained under Gordon Ramsey, Marco Pierre White and Raymond Blanc so you really get a fantastic meal.  I have lots of allergies and they couldn't have been better with accommodating them.  The other restaurant I would beg you to go to would be Nelson's restaurant.  My parents reminded me we went here and that it was amazing.  The inside is themed like a ship and has lots of amazing things to look at.  The meal was absolutely fantastic and was just as good as Couch's again a little pricey but for a treat is worth it.
Cave in Polperro
In the village there is a local shop where you can get fresh fruit, veg and locally sourced meat.  There is also a bakery where you can get your fresh bread and the odd naughty cake when you want to.  If you don't stay in the village there is a fantastic tram that takes you from the car park to the centre and then back when your finished.  Parking is very sparse so parking in the main car park is advised!
I hope that I get to go back there with my children in the future and make more memories that can be passed down through the generations.
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