*NEW* Feature 10 Things….

Red panda.  I couldn't resist as this week is all about red heads!
I thought I would introduce a new feature to my blog.  There will only be one post a week for this and it will be on a Sunday.  The idea is that I will do a different 10 things a week about a different subject.  So this week I am going to do 10 things that us red heads could try which is a bit different from some of the "rules we follow."
  1. So often I hear that red heads should only wear peachy tones when using make up, I have just bought two new lipsticks which have more of a red/pink undertone and they actually work really well.  I will be reviewing the lipsticks later this week so keep an eye out for them.
  2. For so many years I wouldn't wear black mascara or eyeliner but I find that if you want a slightly stronger look as long as you smudge the eyeliner with a cotton bud afterwards so it isn't too overpowering.
  3. I just had a fringe cut in to my hair and if I had continued to wear the pale eyeshadows and blusher I would disappear behind it.  Try out a dark brown/grey colour on the eye, if you have brown eyes it will really make them shine out.  If you have blue/green eyes maybe try a slightly lighter brown shade but don't be afraid to try and if you hate it you can always take it off straight away!
  4. When it comes to clothes I am either completely out there or really reserved.  One colour I never thought to wear was purple but actually when I put purple on it worked really well.
  5. If I had a pound for every time someone has told me YOU SHOULDN'T WEAR RED I would be super rich!  As long as there is some skin between your outfit and your hair (one shouldered dress for instance) then you can look absolutely striking. Just make sure the red doesn't match your outfit as that can be a bit OTT.
  6. Blue mascara/eyeliner is another make up item I always have in my bag.  It just adds something a little bit different to your look, great for nights out.
  7. Another story I often hear is that people try to cover up their freckles.  You don't have to do this at all its part of your beauty and you should be proud of it and own it.
  8. I always wear a pink blusher this is meant to be a real no no but I find that I look far too pale if I use a peach blusher so I like to give myself a hint of pink to avoid this. Don't worry you won't look like Coco the clown.
  9. I also break one more make up rule which is eyes or lips.  At the moment I am doing a lighter version of a smoky eye with a bright lipstick and it can work as long as you don't go too mad on the darkness of the eyes.
  10. Lastly what I would say is throw out the rule book if you like what your doing then go for it.  Just because you have red hair doesn't mean you can take risks too :-)

What make up rules do you break? I would love to hear from you about my new feature next week it will be a different subject. 
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