Marwell Zoo

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to go to Marwell Zoo.  I love going and seeing the animals and being able to get some exciting wildlife shots as that is my main focus this year for my photography.  I have to say when I got inside the zoo it was a little disappointing!  There were so many barriers and fences between you and the animals that you didn't really feel like the experience was interactive.  I did however get some photos that I want to share with you all.  
This is my favourite photo from the day.  It is such a fantastically regal animal.   You can see the individual feathers and magnificent colours.

This young lady was exceptionally protective of her territory she was prancing around her enclosure and this was when she heard something and she froze still and watched whatever animal that she heard near her.

I spent about an hour within the aviary these birds fly so fast and catching one of them is a real challenge.  I love the photo on the right you can really see the movement in the picture.  They were building a new nest and here they are collecting twigs and leaves for it.
I am not sure what these interesting little birds are.  On the left I love the water ripples.  You can see in the right photo him hiding among the plants.
Let me know any experiences you have had with nature photography below.
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