First Beauty Product Review!! My morning face routine.

Today I thought I would be brave and write my first ever beauty product review.  Beauty is really important to me and I wanted to share the knowledge that I have picked up over the years with you all.  I am not claiming to be an expert on this stuff but I always enjoy reading other peoples opinions and thought I would share mine.  Today I am going to speak about my daily morning face routine.  As a women I like to look after my skin and try to keep as young looking as possible so here is what I am currently using and what I like and dislike about each product (there are always pro's and con's!)
Apologies the photo's are not my best!!

The first thing that goes on my face in the morning is Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Shea Butter.  There is also a second one with Cottonseed in but this has tiny beads that exfoliate your face which I only use now and then.  The pro's of this cleanser is that it leaves your face feeling beautifully smooth and I just love the smell.  It makes me start off in a good mood each day.  The con's of this product is that I find that it doesn't last very long and is a little bit pricey, but every women has to have a little naughty spend now and then!!
The next thing that I use is the Clarins Extra-Comfort Toning Lotion with Aloe Vera.  This product is fantastic it leaves my face feeling really hydrated whilst being extremely gentle, it makes your skin feel squeaky clean.  It is also Alcohol Free which I love!  The things that I don't like so much about this product is the smell.  It has quite a strong fragrance for the morning but for me the pro's out way the con's.
The final part of my morning routine is smothering my skin with Clarins Gentle Day Cream for Sensitive skin.  I love this because it really makes your skin feel moisturised without leaving it feeling sticky or oily.  Again for me the smell of this is a bit potent but I love how soft and moisturised my skin feels!
One last cheeky addition is that if my skin is having a breakout because I have been lazy with my routine this product is a little life saver!  Benefits Boo Boo Zap should be in everyones bathrooms (or where you keep your beauty items).  When I was first persuaded to try this product out I was about to go on holiday and Mount Vesuvius had popped up on my face.  I had actually gone to buy some make up (see what i like in a post coming soon!)  The shop assistant said let me try this on you its amazing and me being cynical thought "oh he just wants to sell it to me" well I can tell you I am so glad he did.  You put this on with a cotton bud (always use I new one for each spot!) dab it on the spot and instantly it looks less red and swollen.  If you use it before bed as well the spot disappears by the next morning.  If you invest in anything this month I would highly recommend this product.

Well thats all for now I hope you enjoyed my first beauty review and please remember these are my own views and I have purchased all products unless stated otherwise.  Feel free to leave any comments below.
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